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Our Story 


L’eaine Skincare is a brand created by our founder, Elaine Ting who hopes to inspire self-love and self-confidence. 


Before the creation of L’eaine, Elaine experienced a chapter of darkness in life. It took her a few years to discover what self-love is and started working hard to pick herself up. During the same period, Elaine formulated a few skincare products in small quantities with her manufacturer. As an award-winning makeup artist who founded Mrs. Fish Bridal Makeup and Hair, Elaine used these skincare products on her makeup clients and they were well-received. 


Hence, the idea of mass-producing skincare products to promote self-love and self-confidence struck Elaine. She hopes that all her customers will enjoy using her line of skincare products and be reminded of the importance of loving and caring for oneself. 


Our Slogan


Your Beauty, Our Promise is a pledge that Elaine made to her customers. For the past few years, Elaine has established a great connection with her customers through offering live demonstrations on Facebook and Shopee. She also provides free online consultations whenever customers seek her advice. 

Elaine is committed to improving her products constantly with the feedback of her valued customers. To date, L’eaine Skincare consists of a range of products, suitable for various skin types and conditions.

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