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Covid-19 Updates

How can I check my order status/track my order?

We will send you the courier printout and inform you of the expected shipment date every Monday. 

Will my order arrive on time?

We are working diligently to minimize shipping delays and interruptions while adhering to the extreme care and safety precautions we have put in place. Please note that when you place an order, there may be fulfillment delays. You may also experience tracking, shipping, and delivery delays as delivery services work to fulfill an increase in online orders during this time.

When can I expect a response to my email?

We hope you understand during these unprecedented times, you may experience some delays in how quickly we can respond to your emails and messages. We want to be as honest as possible; we’re currently taking up to 3 days to respond. To help us get back to you (and other customers) as soon as possible, please only send one email about your order. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we do our best to meet the needs of all of our customers. As priority, we’re working to increase our support network, and train other teams to be able to respond to customer queries.


Rewards Program

What is rewards program?

Rewards Program:

For every $ you spend, you earn 1 point. As you earn, you can start redeeming credits for your own skincare indulgence!

We would like to gift you 350 points on your Birthday too! Remember to enter your birth date at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded!

How does it work?

Referral Program:

Referring customer rewards - $10 off applier to all orders over $30

Referred friend reward - $10 off applies to all orders over $30


How to earn more points?

Share our FB Page – 10 points

Follow Our IG – 50 points

Like our FB Page – 50 points


Tiers of Redemption:

1000 Reward Point = $45 off discount

500 Reward Point = $20 off discount

350 Reward Point - $10 off discount

(Subject to change anytime without prior inform. )

How to view my points balance and redeem points?

Login to website, click the "Rewards" button at the left bottom. You will see the points balance. Click "way to redeem", you can see what are available to redeem. 

Do points expiry? 

Yes, points will expiry after 6 months. 


Product information


Can I use products from different L'eaine collections?

Yes! You can mix and match L'eaine products, but you should only use one or two serum/ampoule if the directions specify that you can. Traditionally, it is best to use one serum in the morning, and another one serum/ampoule in the evening.
L'eaine products are labeled Cleanser | Repair, Hydrate serum or ampoule, skin booster| Tone l Protect, sunscreen.

Why were some products discontinued?

We apologize if we discontinued one of your favorite L'eaine products. Decisions to discontinue or introduce a product and/or size are made in response to consumer preferences and purchasing patterns throughout the country.

Please contact us with the name of your favorite product that has been discontinued. We’d be happy to recommend other products for your specific skin concerns.

How do I know if my products are expired?

The expiry date indicates on the bottom or behind of the bottle.

When unused, unopened, and stored properly, L'eaine products have a shelf life of 2 years. Once open, have to finish it without 6 months or 12 months. If it stated 6M mean complete in 6M after open. 

Are L'eaine products safe to use while pregnant or breast-feeding?

L'eaine carefully assesses our products and ingredients to ensure they are safe for use. Because every person and pregnancy is unique, we recommend you seek your doctor’s advice if you are unsure or have any questions about the products you use during pregnancy.

Does L'eaine test on animals?

L'eaine never tests any products on animals and we only use ingredients that have not been animal tested. We only test on humans. 


Are L'eaine ingredients safe?

We follow strict industry and government guidelines to ensure that every ingredient in each of our formulas has been thoroughly safety tested and approved for use.

In addition, our product development and quality control teams continuously monitor the scientific literature, as well as reports from our customers, to ensure that our products are at the leading edge of safety as well as performance.

To help ease your concern about the safety of any specific ingredient, we encourage you to visit, a website specifically dedicated to providing consumers with timely and objective information regarding ingredient safety.

Do L'eaine products contain parabens?

Products manufactured by L'eaine are formulated without parabens. 

At L'eaine, we use different preservatives depending upon the unique formula of each product accordingly. Leaine’s product development team continually monitors scientific literature, and HSA safety alerts and guidance, to ensure that all of our products are safe and fully compliant with all applicable rules, regulations and laws.

Do L'eaine products contain animal by-products?

Our formulas are formulated without animal by-products. To determine if a product you’re interested in is formulated without animal by-products, visit the specific product page at and look under the “Ingredient” tab.

If you have a question about a specific product, please let us know. 

Are L'eaine products non-comedogenic?

Most L'eaine products are not expected to clog pores and some have been tested to confirm their non-comedogenic status.

Are L'eaine products hypoallergenic?

They’re all not completely absent. Generally, the term ‘hypoallergenic’ is beauty industry shorthand for ‘fragrance free’, which is always a good idea for sensitive skin. The special L'eaine Recipe of Hydra Soothing Serum for antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydration helps to reduce irritation and inflammation. Additionally, it is always best to perform a patch test if you have any concerns regarding sensitivity.

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