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Do you need Maskne facial treatment?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Maskne Facial treatment by L'eaine therapist:

  1. Facial wash

  2. Scrub (Optional depending on the person skin sensitivity)

  3. Steam for face

  4. Extraction

  5. High frequency to prevent stubborn acne

  6. Apply ampoule with anti-inflammation gel

  7. Cold hammer facial treatment

  8. Apply Calming modeling mask

Aftercare treatment:

  1. Wash your face regularly. During the pandemic, if your regular skin care routine doesn't improve your skin. We will advise the following as below:

  2. Use an Oil-Free Acne Wash, wash two times a day. If you feel like washing more than two times, just rinse with water.

  3. Apply Hydra Soothing serum to reduce redness and repair skin.

  4. Apply Calming and Purifying Fluid to regulate sebum to minimize pores

  5. Apply Intensive purifying cream on acne and pimples area. Also can treat as a face moisturizer.

  6. Take a break from makeup.

Customer Review:

Our customer came to have the maskne facial treatment in Dec 2020.

Due to both busy schedule and Covid restriction, in the end she didn't manage to schedule a second facial appointment after her first facial treatment.

In June 2021. the customer sent me her before and after picture after using our products and facial. I am so happy to see her skin improve so much and she also uses our products consistently and follows the skincare routine as advised by me.

Remember to come back for extraction more regularly to achieve glow and flawless skin.

L'eaine's objective is to keep your skin healthy. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any skin issue. We are happy to help!

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