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Facial Cleansers: Why This Gentle Solution Should Be Part of Your Skincare Routine

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

How much dust and dirt do you think gets on your face every morning when you’re waiting for the bus?

The answer - more than you think.

How can you get rid of all the grime without damaging your skin? Let’s find out.

What Is a Facial Cleanser?

A facial cleanser gets rid of these yucky things on your face:

- Makeup

- Oil (sebum)

- Dead skin cells

- Germs and bacteria

- Dirt

- …and other types of pollutants you can think of

Every day, our faces are stained with these impurities, and even though we can’t see them with the naked eye, they exist.

What Are the Different Types of Facial Cleansers?

There are a few types of facial cleansers, including:

  1. Gel cleansers

  2. Foam cleansers

  3. Cream cleansers

Why Is Cleansing Important?

When your face is caked in pollutants from the air and the things around you, it clogs up your pores and leads to dermatological conditions like acne.

Cleansing removes these pollutants so that you enjoy clean and unclogged skin.

Now, it’s also important to know that over-cleansing your skin can leave undesirable effects like dry skin, redness and peeling.

Go easy and avoid cleansing your face more than you should. If you don’t, it can strip your skin of its natural moisture and make it vulnerable to irritation and dryness.

Why Is It Important to Wash Your Face in the Morning?

Do you skip morning facial washing because you think that your face remains clean throughout the air-conditioned night?

The truth is, it depends, but if you have extremely oily skin, it’s recommended to give it a good wash when you get up in the mornings.

If you sleep with the air conditioner on, that’s another reason why you should - because it can circulate dust and dirt if your appliance’s air filters are blocked or dirty.

Why Is a Facial Cleanser Important?

Cleansing your face with water isn’t enough.

The things you slap onto your face, like your makeup, as well as the pollutants from your surroundings, are not water-soluble.

This means that scrubbing your skin with water won’t be sufficient to remove them.

Unless you want to end up with a pimple party the next day, you need to use a facial cleanser to do the job.

Many facial cleansers made today are gentle and effective even without the use of harsh soaps.

When you use a facial cleanser, it gets the job done without causing a breakout.

The Bottom Line

A facial cleanser is important for many reasons, but it mainly helps you to get clean and fresh skin.

If you’re looking for a good facial cleanser in Singapore, check out L’eaine’s Hydrating & Calming Cleanser (100ml) that contains a gentle formula and doesn’t dry out

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