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Happy Mothers' Day!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

A special day dedicated to our mothers who mean the WORLD TO US ALL!

Mothers’ Day, a special day dedicated to honour our GREATEST MOTHERS will fall on the 14th of May this year!

If you are looking for a special gift for your mother, god mother, or a significant motherly figure (such as a doting Granny or a loving aunty), you are at the RIGHT PAGE!

In collaboration with Shinine, L’eaine Skincare has launched this BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT Mothers’ Day gift set - Enchanted Garden Beauté !

Uniquely designed and made with LOTS OF LOVE, this floral arrangement consists of high-quality preserved carnations, preserved roses and other dried foliage that can last for a few years! Remember, place this floral arrangement away from direct sunlight in an area which is not humid to so that it can last longer!

What’s more, you can customise this unique gift set by selecting one of the options:

Your receiver of the Enchanted Garden Beauté is welcomed to contact us for a FREE skincare consultation !

Pamper your mother, grandmother, aunty or even yourself with this beautiful and useful gift!

Place your order now so that it will be delivered on time for Mothers' Day!

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