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It’s Valentines’ Day! (Bridal Edition)

Updated: Mar 18

One of the MOST celebrated occasions by people from all walks of life, from young students who make cards or little gifts for their friends, to adults who are single, attached/ married! It’s a day of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, it is also a POPULAR date for proposals, engagements and weddings!

In this month of Romance and Love, we shall share with you some tips to LOOK YOUR BEST on your wedding day!


By Elaine Ting & Xara Lee


Some people have the misconception that “Make up can cover everything.” The purpose of make up is to enhance your natural beauty. Without a good complexion, the effects of make up will be limited as well.

There are many beauty tips for brides-to-be and here are a few important tips shortlisted for you:

1. Pay extra care to your skin at least 3 months ahead of your wedding.

2. Ensure that your diet contains sufficient fluids and hydrating fruits.

3. While a skincare regime is important, do not try any new treatments or products

2 weeks to 4 weeks before your wedding day in case of any irritation or flare ups.

4. Your last facial treatment should be a week before your wedding. The facial treatment

should focus on hydrating your face to enhance the radiance, without extractions or

peeling treatments.

5. Ensure that you have your beauty sleep while being busy with your wedding




Elaine Ting & Xara Lee

While some people have the misconception that “makeup can cover everything”, there are also misconceptions that “Photoshop can do all the wonders!” Yes, beautiful photos are important for memory’s sake, but looking GREAT in person on your actual wedding day is just as important!

For brides-to-be who are looking for the BEST bridal makeup artist and the BEST bridal hairstylist, look no further!

Here, we present to you the ELITE BRIDAL PACKAGE, a collaboration between 2 top bridal makeup artists in Singapore, Elaine Ting from Mrs Fish Bridal Makeup & Hair and Xara Lee.

Both Elaine and Xara have more than 10 years of experience in the bridal makeup industry and have been featured in Wedding platforms such as Her World Brides, The Wedding Vow, Bridestory, etc. Xara has also won the 'Daily Vanity’ Beauty Award 2022 for Best Makeover Service. Besides being featured wedding platforms as one of the prominent bridal makeup artists in Singapore, Elaine has been a professional makeup trainer for almost a decade and groomed many students to date.

Makeup Base Ampoules from L’eaine Skincare will be used in the Elite Bridal Package to hydrate your skin and prepare it to create a flawless and lasting makeup for your special day!

So, book the ELITE BRIDAL PACKAGE and be dolled up by Elaine Ting and Xara Lee who will dedicate 2 hours to pamper your like a QUEEN on your BIG DAY!

Contact Elaine at to find out more!

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