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Leaine's Premium Regain Youth Set

When I was 10, I wished to get rid of my “childhood friends” even though no one teased me for my freckles. I called them “bird droppings” and they have been with me since I was 8 and grew more and more over the years.

By the time I was in my late teens and had some income, I bought a product which was a solution that cost around $160. (EXPENSIVE FOR A TEENAGE!) But nope, my freckles did not go away after using the entire bottle. There were other whitening products which I have tried but did not show results.

In my Mid 20s, I went for 2 laser sessions. My freckles were gone after lasering but guess what? They started appearing again after a few years!

My face became sensitive for a few years after the laser sessions!

I ever had a few very bad outbreaks because of my sensitive skin.

Before using Leaine Skincare’s Regain Youth Set, I have been using the Hydrating and calming cleanser, Tomato toner and Vitamin C Moisture Cream. Being a working mother with young children, I have NOT gone for facial treatments for years! Sometimes, I will just tell myself: “Forget about it!”

I got the Regain Youth Set and started using them almost every night since December 2022. Once in a while, I skip my skincare routine as I get busy with children but I try to use my Regain Youth Set religiously after applying toner. Sometimes, I will apply the Skin Booster before using the Regain Youth Set.

Let’s see how my skin looks after using the product for about 6 months:

My freckles have faded and I think some lighter ones were gone!

The “After” photo was taken one day when I was shopping. I took a look at myself in the mirror at Uniqlo and realised that my freckles have reduced!

I realised that even my dark eye circles look better now! Yes, I try to apply eye cream every night too!

After celebrating my 40th birthday a few months back, I told myself to take better care of myself. Definitely, as a mother, some self-care has been neglected.

However, it is also OK not doing any facial treatments because

If you are troubled by skin issues which come along with ageing and/or pigmentation, try our Regain Youth Set before our

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