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Plant Extracts - The New Trend of Natural Skin Care

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

“Everyone loves beauty”: Since ancient times, humans have had a relentless and continued pursuit of beauty and skincare products to beautify themselves.

When it comes to skin-penetrating beauty and skincare products, a small difference in quality can lead to the tragedy of “disfigurement”. Skincare products made from plant extracts fully meet consumers’ needs for healthy skincare.

Are plant-based skincare products truly effective?

What are the advantages of plant-based skincare products?

Gain a deeper understanding of this quickly!

The Benefits of Plant-based Skincare Products for Me

Safe and Gentle

Plants have a long history of being used in the formulation of beauty products. As early as “The Divine Farmer's Materia Medica Classic”, plant-based cosmetics have appeared.

"Panax Ginseng Root Extract" contributes to skin glow, anti-ageing, effective skin moisturizer, reduce wrinkles, whitening & brightening the skin.

It also reduces sunspots, inhibits the effects of solar UVB radiates on the skin. You may find L'eaine Vitamin C Moisture Cream an active ingredient also contains Panax Ginseng Root Extract.

Ancient people used the sap and oil of plants to care for the skin.

Now, following the increasing demand for green and healthy products, plant-based skincare products are back in the public eye.

Unlike the past, where plants themselves were added to products, plant-based skincare products of today involves using plant extracts or concentrate formulated with plant extract-based additives.

As opposed to “chemical”-based skincare products, plant-based skincare products are relatively mild with the notion of returning to nature. They do not overburden the skin either.

Through the careful proportioning of skin care ingredients and the vitality derived from plants, it can stimulate the skin’s vigor, enhance its protective function and be gentler and safer for the skin.

Soothes the Skin

Our skin’s layer is extremely thin. If we use harsh skin care products, not only will it fail to have the desired effect, it will also damage the skin’s stratum corneum instead.

Plant-based skincare products can meet the needs of people with varying skin types as well as the requirements of skincare products.

In terms of the choice of ingredients, the raw materials that make up plant-based skincare products are naturally derived, safe and relatively gentle.

Many plants have a calming effect on the skin, like licorice, motherwort, noni leaves and more. They all possess a certain amount of soothing effect on the skin.

To beauty lovers, when choosing a product that is suitable for their skin, gentle, mild, and nourishing plant-based skincare products are undoubtedly the more ideal choice.

Fast Absorption

Speedy absorption and a high level of permeability are other major advantages of plant-based skincare products.

Compared to mineral-based skincare products, skincare products made from plant extracts have a refreshing and light texture that penetrates the inner layer of the skin to achieve a deep moisturising effect.

In addition, plant-based skincare products also contain plant molecules that are smaller and easier to be absorbed than can better implement the effects of skincare products.

Safe and gentle, as well as soothing to the skin, with fast absorption and high penetration levels.

Natural plant-derived skincare products have many advantages. It’s no wonder that plant-based skincare products have become the preferred choice of an increasing number of people!

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