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Skin Care Routine

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

There are so many products in the market. Different types of cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and mask for all kind of skin. How to make sure you’re buying the correct skincare products?

We want to make your skincare shopping hassle free. Therefore came out with these skin routines for different skin types. Our skincare products are specially formulated for humid (tropical)weather. Free of alcohol and paraben.

Hydrating series suitable for dry to normal skin.

Oil control series suitable for oily and acnes prone skin.

Combination or sensitive series suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin. If you do not have acnes or pimples, skip buying intensive purifying cream (known as pimple cream). For such skin type, we would recommend you to try our HOT SELLER - Vitamin C Moisture Cream one week after you have applied our hydra & soothing serum.

Hydra & soothing serum- repair skin

1-2 weeks later- start on vitamin c moisturizer regime!

Promo code for purchase bundle set: $5.5OFF

Made in Singapore Worldwide shipping

Other than that, We also having FB live every week to follow up and free consultation with our clients.

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