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Your Ultimate Guide to Tomatoes on Your Skin

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Tomatoes are versatile in their uses - as an ingredient in your sandwich, burger, or the key ingredient in pasta sauce, and tomato sauce.

What about putting tomatoes on your skin?

Many people put tomatoes on their skin because of their purported health benefits.

In this article, we explore the different health claims, and find out how tomatoes can really help!

Why Is a Tomato Good for Your Skin?

Here are the facts: tomatoes contain plenty of the good stuff for your diet. They have:

- Lycopene

- Lutein

- Beta carotene

- Magnesium

- Potassium

- Vitamin A

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin B

- Antioxidants

Although evidence that topical application on the skin is beneficial is limited and inconclusive, there are some scientific suggestions on its advantages.

May Help to Prevent Premature Ageing

Free radicals can hurt skin cells, which raises your risk for illness and premature ageing. These radicals are unstable atoms that can cause huge chain reactions in your body that eventually lead to oxidation.

People who encourage using natural healing methods say that the antioxidants in tomatoes like lycopene and Vitamin C can fight these radicals.

Tomatoes also contain different types of Vitamin B which have anti-ageing attributes that can help to decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. They also help in cell repair, which makes it possible to lower sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

May Trigger Collagen Production

Tomatoes are high in Vitamin C, which can improve your immune system and aid in stimulating collagen production.

When applied to your skin, it might also boost your skin’s elasticity, resulting in firmer and less saggy skin. However, note that there’s no scientific evidence to show this.

May Be Moisturising

A 2012 study states that a reduced potassium level in the body can promote dry skin in those with atopic dermatitis.

We’ve mentioned that tomatoes are a good source of potassium, making it possible to leave a moisturising effect on this skin condition.

Reduces Excessive Oil Production

Many of us are troubled over a common skin problem: excessive oil production.

This issue is prevalent in those with greasy and acne-prone skin. Tomatoes can reduce excessive oil production, which may help people who find their pores constantly clogged with oil.

Tomatoes also have pore-shrinking abilities that help to firm up the skin and reduce the chances of acne and pimples.

May Help to Eliminate Dead Skin Cells

Tomatoes contain enzymes that can exfoliate the skin.

This process gets rid of dead skin cells effectively. While some articles suggest combining tomatoes and sugar for an exfoliating paste, we recommend avoiding this to prevent any skin irritation from happening.

The Benefits of Tomato for Skin Whitening

It is advocated that tomatoes can help to lighten the skin.

This is due to the large number of antioxidants in tomatoes, Vitamin C, and B. They are thought to work together to lighten the complexion as they decrease dullness and dark spots.

Is It Good to Apply Tomato on My Face Every Day?

Rather than simply cutting up a whole tomato and pasting it all over your face, it is more realistic to use a skincare product that contains tomato.

Skincare products combine a variety of beneficial ingredients and may mix natural and laboratory ingredients for the best of both worlds.

For example, L’eaine Skincare’s Tomato Toner is a mix of natural plant-based ingredients like tomato, aloe vera, and allantoin, and other powerful non-plant-based ingredients like niacinamide.

Using this toner daily helps to use its acidic properties to balance out your skin’s pH level while alleviating moisture and redness.

How Often Should I Rub Tomato on My Face?

Instead of rubbing tomato directly to your face, use a suitable skincare product that is gentler and carefully formulated for topical application.

You can use our Tomato Toner once daily after washing your face and before you use a moisturiser or serum.

Are There Side Effects of Applying Tomatoes on My Face?

If you’re thinking of slathering tomatoes over your face, there may be some side effects.

For example, tomatoes can lead to skin irritation, with these common symptoms:

- Redness

- Itching

- Burning sensation

- Peeling

Tomatoes contain acid, which can be harmful to your skin and result in rashes or irritation. For people with skin that’s prone to itching and dryness, you may want to steer away from raw tomatoes.

If you have sensitive skin, consult your doctor before you use them. You can also opt for gentler formulations from tomato-based skincare products that are less likely to cause any reaction!

The Bottom Line

For many advocates of natural skincare, tomatoes sound like a great idea to apply to the skin.

However, you should still note that its efficacy hasn’t been proven, but informal evidence does point to a variety of potential benefits to this healthy fruit.

Remember to always ask a medical professional’s expert opinion whenever you have doubts!

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