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How it helps:

We are living in a world of high technology, with digital devices emitting an insidious blue light, generating free radicals which stress our skin and accelerate aging with hyperpigmentation!


Our Radiance Enhancing Skin Booster is the solution. It contains an eco-friendly botanical active ingredient obtained from cold pressure of sustainable harvested french red bell peppers (Capsicum annuum) to protect the skin from the 2 major damaging effects of blue light.


Capsicum Annuum Fruit Extract:

It is an effective antioxidant agent, protecting cellular DNA and collagen from oxidation and degradation. It is also an anti-stress and protective agent due to its filtering power.


Sodium Palmitoyl Proline, Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract:


Efficacy Studies:

90% lighter skin / 91% more radiant / 94% lighter spots / 73% smaller spots


Mode of Action:

Double skin lightening action: Inhibition of inflammatory pigmentation induced by cutaneous stress & modulation of gene expression in the basal pigmentation (MIC1, MITF, tyrosinase) after 16 hours.


Major Benefits of  Radiance Enhancing Skin Booster:

• Lightening: simultaneous action that inhibits both inflammatory pigmentation and basal pigmentation

• Soothing: especially designed for sensitive or irritated skin by inhibiting inflammatory mediators

• Anti-pollution 

• Firms & smoothens the skin with botox-like tensing effect agents


L'eaine Radiance Enhancing Skin Booster 10ml

  • Apply after washing the face two times per day by gentle patting for optimal absorption. 

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