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How it helps: 

The light and non-greasy Calming & Purifying Toner is especially formulated for combination to oily skin which tend to have a shiny T-zone. The Calming & Purifying Fluid brightens the skin while regulating sebum to minimize pores to create an even complexion. Its gentle cooling effect calms and soothes sensitive skin instantly. 


Ideal for sensitive, combination, oily, and acne skin.

The Calming & Purifying Toner can used for oily and acne skin. 


This toner can also be used with dry skin during moments of pimple breakout due to hormonal changes. 

L'eaine Calming & Purifying Toner 150 ml

    • Apply twice a day after Hydra Soothing Serum. If you want to go green and skip the cotton pad, you may also pour a few drops of fluid onto your palms of your hands and pat gently onto your skin. 
    • For minimising of pores, soak a cotton pad with toner and pat it over your entire face. Then hold the cotton pad on cheek or nose areas (areas with larger pores) for few minutes before the cotton pad dries completely.
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