My pursuit to discover the best skincare products for Asians has led to the creation of L'eaine.

Elaine Ting 


Josephine Tan

Love your hydrating and calming cleanser so much! It’s so soothing and gentle and refreshing after using it just so little amount is needed for a great effect!


Next is the eye mask, really so hydrating and amazing! Highly recommended for tired-looking eyes.

The 2 types of silk masks are so thin that the folded lines of the mask will not trace on my face! I have used other brand’s sheet masks before and their folded lines will simply trace on my face!


Of course the effect of L’eaine’s masks is needless to say, so hydrating and comforting feel so happy each time after using it


Thanks to L’eaine Skincare !!!

Audrey Tey

I've purchased the full range of Hydrating & Calming skincare products and masks from Elaine and these products really do wonders to my face. I can see great improvement after using it. Now my face complexion is so glowy and smooth. Have just purchased their Hydra & Calming + eye ampoule; I can't wait to add-on these new range of products to my daily usage.

Angie Goh

Hi Elaine, getting to love every of your products and now I'm fully using your products for my face. Recently bought the sunblock and I love it too as it does not leave skin oily and stickiness and it stay long hours even I sweat alot...I like the effect and look natural as if putting on make up but I dont use any cushion foundation or loose powder on my face.

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