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Main Features Of L'eaine Ultimate Therapy Device


1.    Acoustic Vibrations Therapy

A person’s face has at least three million pores. While daily cleansing cleans the skin’s surface, it is difficult to remove the oil trapped in the pores. Deep cleansing is required to remove such oil residues and other impurities from our pores.


With 46 years of experience and development, our skin specialists and advanced engineers have developed this device that utilizes sonic micro-vibration technology. This device is designed to fit our faces’ contours and deep cleanses the pores at a vibration of 8000 times per minute, resulting in delicate and smooth skin with clear pores after every use. 


2.    Warm and Cool Therapy

A Japanese professor at a university proved that treating skin at 42°C can help to produce HSP protein, repair skin cells and strengthen skin elasticity to resist the formation of wrinkles.


The warm 42°C treatment softens and opens the pores for deep cleansing, while the cold treatment with a cooling effect of 6°C instantly tightens the pores and locks in nutrients. Alternating between warm and cold treatment helps to stimulate the moisture deep in the skin and speeds up the metabolism of cells.


Besides reducing dark eye circles and fine lines, this device is also effective in brightening the skin, revealing its radiance even without make up. Combined with micro-vibrations, the warm and cool therapy is beneficial to enhance the skin's firmness and relieve fatigue.


3.    EMS beauty therapy (Electrical Muscle Stimulation

EMS is used to stimulate the rejuvenation of collagen, improve the skin’s elasticity, reduce wrinkles, leaving the skin looking smooth and healthy.


Cooling Effect:
- Firms and maintains health of the skin, preventing allergies and other skin problems.
- Shrinks pores, locks moisture and reduces wrinkles.
- Relaxes skin muscles, relieves fatigue, reduces redness and pain, reduces acne. 


Warm effect:
- Relaxes muscles and relieves pain.
- Stimulates blood circulation to open the pores, allowing skin care products to be absorbed more easily.
- Using a cotton pad (or sponge as stated in the original?) for deep cleansing helps to remove impurities, blackheads and dead skin cells.


4.    LED Photon Beauty Therapy


- Red light: The wavelength of 620nm (±10nm) from the Red light of the18 LEDs promotes blood circulation and enhances collagen regeneration, making the skin more elastic, smooth and moist. The Red light therapy is suitable for saggy and wrinkly skin.

- Blue light: The wavelength of 470 (±10nm) from the Blue light of the 18 LEDs kills bacteria and promotes blood circulation. These functions contribute to an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal response, reducing acne and acne scars.

L'eaine Ultimate Therapy Device (1 Year Warranty)


20% discount min spend $250

  • Apply Intensive Treatment Ampoule ( with 3 choices of ampoules, Hydra Ampoule, Vitamin C Ampoule and Vit B3 Ampoule) and follow by using the device to gently massage onto the face for 2-5 minutes. 

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